The perhaps greatest question an investor is faced with is how do I start and make the right investment?

For me, I think that question is premised on a parochial knowledge of what investment is all about. When people hear the word ‘investment’, they think mostly in terms of money, forgetting the place of time.

If I were to define investment, I would say, it means “resources committed both in terms of money and time to achieve financial freedom”.

Thus, for anything to qualify as investment, it must fulfill two conditions, one, resources (time and money) must be committed. Two, the end result must promise financial freedom.

4 Practicable Steps to Start Investing

Start with Why

I kept on repeating this. It’s the most important question you can ask yourself before investing. Why are you doing it? For what purpose? It helps you not to lose sight of your vision when everything is not going as expected.

Be obsessed about learning

There is no shortcut to this. Either you learn, or you obsolete. When you learn, you grow. When you obsolete, you rot. But learning does not mean you are immune to failure. It means you fail, learn from it, re-strategize, re-innovate and try again.

Identify your passion

Passion is what you love doing even without getting paid for it. Ask yourself, what would you do passionately in a world where there is no money? If you have answer, stick to it. But diversify and be open-minded. If you don’t have answer, keep searching.

Ask question

The greatest invention of the century comes from asking questions. Ask questions. Challenge popular thinking. Innovate. And create.

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