During the gold rush, shovels and diggers were the real currencies that made a lot of people rich. However, in today’s 21th Century, or what people sometimes called information age, websites and blogs are the real currencies. So, today, blogging business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can venture into.

5 Steps to Start Blogging Business for Beginners

Define your Goal

Most people neglect this step. Why do want to start blogging? Is it because you love it, or just because others are doing it? The internet is saturated with lots of distractions, so, you will save yourself a lot of trouble by defining your goal right from the onset.

Discover your passion

Ask yourself, what topic excites you most? Some people get easily excited with sport. Some with business talk. Some are interested in helping people discover their true purpose. Except you love the topic you are blogging on, you will have hard time succeeding in blogging business.

Define your Brand

Your brand is your unique selling point, your strength, your distinct experience, and your entire personality all together. The usually advise people give on blogging is, define your niche. That is, define your specific area of focus. But, I will say, define your brand identity. Most blogs are no longer tailored towards one area of focus again. The new word is diversity.

Get a Domain name

You need a unique web address which is also called domain name. Get a domain name. Domain name are available on websites like, hostgator.com, namecheap.com, godaddy.com etc.

Get a hosting

Just like the way you pay rent for a brick and mortar shop, so also you need to pay hosting fees for renting the web space. You can also host your blog on the aforesaid websites. Are you a blogger, what other helpful tips have helped in your success through your blogging experience?