Most people desire freedom. Most people desire to be the chief master of their life; not get pushed back and forth by a boss.

But they are scared. Scared of uncertainty. Scared of failure. Scared of starting their dream business. Thinking, what if I fail? What will become of my life? My family?

But there is a way out. You don’t have to put both of your foot inside water to test its depth. One is enough.

Here are steps to start a side business while working a full time job

Identify the problem

What problem do you want to address? What are fundamental assumptions you’ve made about your business? These are the first most important questions you need to ask yourself. Your answer to this question will serve as a guide to you while executing on your business idea.

Time is your greatest friend

As someone running a side business, time is your greatest friend and also your greatest enemy. Allocate your time judiciously. Make nights and weekends count.

Find a Cofounder

You cannot run the business alone, especially because you are running it part time. The earlier you accept this, the better. Find someone you can work with so as to augment for the time you won’t be available.

Mobilize Resources

Now is the time to walk the talk and give your idea the chance to fly. Mobilize all the available resources, such as, time, money, personnel etc. towards the success of your dream.

Jump in Full time

At one point, you will have to quit your full time job and put both of your foot inside the water. What is important is, knowing the right time to finally take that bold step. I assure you, you will know when the time is right.

Do you prefer to  do the usual 9 to 5  job and not have any side gig? If you have  a  business  what factors motivated you to get started?