So you have finally started blogging and now you are wondering if you can make money doing what you love. The answer is Yes, you can make income from this side hustle that pays your bills.

Blogging is the next big thing on the rise from passion blogs to professional blogs. There is no limitation to how you can monetize your blog so long as you have chosen a niche that you are an authority in.

In today’s blog post, you will be learning about some affiliate programs that are accepting new bloggers in the lifestyle niche, with less than 1000 page views per month so that you can realize your dream of monetizing your blog without a page views counting in millions before joining.


This is about the easiest and one of the most popular affiliate program to join if you are new to blogging. Amazon accepts influencers, bloggers, reviewers who are willing to share genuine and authentic opinions with their consumers on their blogs and social media accounts about their goods. There is a wide range of option on Amazon affiliate program, from amazon prime to amazon vine and so on. As a new lifestyle blogger, all you have to do to join the Amazon affiliate program is to apply on their website in a few easy steps and the moment you are accepted you can start recommending products to your blog readers in your blog post through links to the products on Amazon. Anytime products you linked through your blog post are bought by a consumer you will receive a commission.


This affiliate program is own by one of the most successful professional bloggers on the web. The affiliate program accepts both new and old bloggers to join and promote their online courses and earn 40% commission from each one they sell. The application process is not rigid or long. That is why it fits new bloggers with none or less than 1000 page views. It all about how good you are at pitching and convincing your blog audience to buy a specific blogging resource that can help their blogging journey. You can sign up there to HerPaperRoute Affiliate Program.


This affiliate program accepts lifestyle bloggers to promote their products relating to their blog audience. Products on parenting, Herbs and Essential oils, Healthy Meals and so on. Their commission is quite okay for new lifestyle bloggers to start monetizing the blog content with.


This affiliate program is for lifestyle bloggers who also blog about travel and leisure. As a new blogger, you can monetize your blog content by applying to affiliate marketing program. When your application is being accepted, you will be given the option of placing a search box, link or banner on your blog for hotel bookings. Their commission ranges from 25% to 40%. Just make sure you read through their affiliate terms and conditions to be sure.


Every blogger knows that getting good quality pictures for their blog post is a daunting task. So as a new lifestyle blogger, you can join Pixistock as an affiliate partner and market their stock photos on your blog post to your audience who are creative looking for pictures to use in their blog post as well. Every monthly subscription to pixistock through your affiliate link guarantees you a reasonable commission.

What other affiliate programs have you joined as a new blogger?