Some people have spent most of their life feeling regret over wrong career choice, while others have equally spent most of their life with great happiness for choosing the right career path. What makes the big difference between these two set of people? This is exactly the question we intend to answer in this blog post. For starter, let’s ask ourselves, what’s the meaning of career? Career, in simple language, means who you want to become, or your choice of profession. Because there are lots of things to become in life, one needs to choose a career path (or career paths – who say we can only choose one career path? Donald Trump is an entrepreneur, investor, author and president) that complement one’s innate abilities.

Timeless tips to choose the right career path without regret

Identify your Environment

Let me ask you this question, If you take a fish out of water and put it on the ground to swim, will it swim? Absolutely not! 

In the same way water is a natural environment for fish, so also you must choose a career path that complements your natural environment.

For instance, if you are the type that doesn’t like to talk a lot, it will do you no good to work as a lecturer or teacher.

Assess your value proposition

A career that lacks economic value is not worth venturing into. When choosing a career path, ask yourself, what problem am I solving? Does the world need it and can I get paid for it?

Consider the Future

Ask yourself, will your career be marketable in the next 20 to 40 years from now? Change is constant. AI threatened job losses. ICT, Blockchain, biological engineering etc. threatens millions of job losses in the future. The question is, will your career survive this technological revolution? Were there other tips that helped you in choosing your current career path that aren’t in the blog post? Please share in the comments section