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The following are services we render here at Candid Living Guide. We look forward to working with you..


Blog Articles

Let our team of highly skilled writers write original content free from plagiarism for your blogs and website.

SEO Strategy

We specialize in organizing website/blog content by topic to increase ranking on Google and reach a wider audience on the internet.

Website/Blog Design

No matter your intention for wanting a blog/website. We give our best to help you realize your dreams. We build clean & user friendly websites and blogs for both professional & personal use.

Graphics Design

Save yourself the stress of looking for a professional Graphics Artist to design your graphics for whatever purpose you need them for. We keep our words. Our graphics are designed to meet your expectations.

Product Reviews

Let’s help you make your products the hottest deals on the web with our awesome reviews that will increase sales and maximize profit.

Creative Copywriting

We are masters with words. We create professional copies for brands, websites, authors, etc., to skyrocket their visibility on the internet and ultimately convert their audience to buyers.


No matter the type of blog you run, whether professional or you are blogging for passion, so long as the topics you need articles on fall under our areas of expertise. We are always open for business every day. Shoot us a mail today.


If your products, brands, company, projects fit any of the topics on our website and you also find us as a good fit to help you reach your target audience through our website, publicity on our social media handles, we welcome such partnerships. We also welcome advert placements, as well as brand ambassadorships for those brands that reflect what Candid Living Guide stands for.


Clean and well-designed graphics speak volume, it is your brand, and it is what you/we stand for. Whether you are looking for professional graphics for your book cover, website and blog pages, magazine covers, company logo, product branding and so on. We know just the perfect way of serving you better with our professionally designed graphics and prompt deliveries to put you one step ahead of your competitors and in front of your target audience, even before you give your ELEVATOR PITCH. Let your brand do the speaking while you do the selling. Hire us today!


Do you have passion for blogging? Do you need a website or blog for your business but lack the technical knowledge or the time to set up your website or blog? We got you covered. At Candid Living Guide, we take all your stress away by building standard, quality and responsive websites and blogs so that you can reach your target audience with ease. Our prices are affordable for both beginners and pros in the blogging industry.

We’re ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.